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Is 2013 An Unlucky Year To Get Married?

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The superstitions that surround the number 13 crossed my mind when we started picking dates, but I just couldn’t wait!

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There are many superstitions that surround the number 13 (Friday the 13th, the 13th floor of a building, room number 13 — are all ominous), but does that mean that brides are waiting until 2014 to get married just because of an old superstition? Not so much.

There are 800,645 brides signed up on who have indicated they’re getting married in 2013. (That’s hardly different from the number of members that wed in 2012 and more than the 792,489 brides that married in 2011.)

Clearly, 2013 brides aren’t going to allow a little superstition ruin their wedding days!

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  1. Well the math teacher in me can’t resist to find a way around that one… If you add up all the digits 10-5-2013… 1+5+2+1+3 you only get 12! heehee! there is no 13 here!!


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